The Article 12 Committee

We involve the children in whole-school issues through our Article 12 Committee, made up of pupil-elected class representatives who meet regularly to discuss matters relevant to the children.

Concerns and ideas are discussed at class meetings and fed back to the Committee so that every child at Barrington feels they have a voice and that their opinion is listened to and acted upon when appropriate.


There are currently 14 members of The Article 12 Committee at Barrington and Mrs Green joins them at their meetings to help them get organised.


Our Chairperson is Emily T


Vice Chair is Lewis B

Our Secretary is  Oliver B


The other Article 12 Committee representatives are:

For Year 6 - Connor, Laurie and Sunny-May (supporting KS1 children)

For Year 5 - Charlie W and Kayleigh

For Year 4 - Zayan and Harry W

For Year 3 - Lola and Isabella / Keyaan

For Year 2 - Natasha and Zohaib

For Year 1 - Danny and Erela