11+ and secondary school applications


Key Dates - 2019-2020 

1st September - online application website opens

12th September - Bexley selection test in school for those who have registered

13th September to 30th October - Open days / evenings for schools

4th October - Results of selection tests posted to arrive on 6th October.

31st October - Closing date for application forms to be submitted either online or paper.

During November/December 2017 - Some non-selective Bexley schools run banding tests during November and December.


1st March 2019 - offer day

Parents who have applied online will receive an email notifying them which school their child has been offered.
Parents who have applied on a paper form will be sent a letter by first class post.


15th March 2019

This is the deadline for accepting or declining the offered place.


Please click here to view the Admission to Secondary Schools in Bexley 2019-2020 booklet


Reminders and top tips

  1. Once you have decided which schools you like, check their admission criteria carefully, as they all vary.
  2. If you live in Bexley, you can apply for up to 6 schools (they don't need to be in Bexley).  It is NOT wise to name just one school on your application; always have at least one back-up choice, near your home address, that you'll be happy with.  List schools in order of preference, with grammar school choices (if applicable) at the top of the list.  
  3. Remember to include evidence of medical conditions or anything else that relates to a priority place. Faith schools also require a Supplementary Information Form, and may have different application deadlines, so check carefully before applying.
  4. Remember you need to provide proof of your child's address and date of birth.  The 'Admission to Secondary Schools in Bexley' booklet (issued in July) will have more information.
  5. If applying online, make sure you receive an email receipt - this will confirm that your application was submitted successfully.

Local secondary schools 


Here are some useful links to some of our local secondary schools in the borough.


Bexley Grammar

Bexleyheath Academy

Blackfen school for girls

Cleeve Park school

Townley Grammar

Welling School