Our Subject Leader for Spanish is Mrs J Darvill

Bienvenido a España!

(Welcome to Spain!)


All classes in Key Stage 2 will continue to have weekly Spanish lessons, where we will cover the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. We will also learn about aspects of Spanish culture using video, song, stories, role play and discussion.


Please click the link below for a long term plan for this academic year.

Spanish overview 2017-18

Some of our year 5 children were lucky enough to take part in a European Village day at Bexley Grammar School. They used their Spanish to go through Passport Control and then go shopping. Lots of fantastic Spanish used by all. Bien hecho todos. See the photos above.


Here is some vocabulary that might help you

0     CeroBuenos díasGood Morning
1     unoBuenas tardesGood Afternoon
2     dosBuenas nochesGood Night
3     tresQué tal?How are you?
4     cuatroCómo estás?How are you? (more formal)
5     cincoBienWell
6     seisMuy bienVery Well
7     sieteRegularSo, so
8     ochoMalBad
9     nueveFatalTerrible
10   diezGraciasThank you
11   onceY tú?And you?
12   doce

13   treceMe llamo…My name is …
14   catorceMi amigo se llama …My friend’s name is …
15   quinceCómo te llamas?What is your name?
16   dieciseisSoy MorenoI have black hair
17   diecisieteMi amiga es rubiaMy friend has blonde hair
18   dieciochoMi amigo es pelirrojoMy friend has ginger hair
19   diecinueve

20   veinte