Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding


All schools receive funding for PE through the Sports Premium which is now in its fifth year.  For the current year (2017-18) we will receive £18, 340; the rest of the cost is met through school funds.


We plan to use this as follows:


Staff training


Once again we will buy into specialist PE support from the local authority (through their 'Sports Premium: Effective and Sustainable Investment Support Package').  We will use this to provide teachers with additional training in specific areas to enhance their knowledge and skills. 


Whole school opportunities


We will continue to use the 5-A-Day Fitness programme as part of our focus on promoting healthy and active lifestyles.  We will purchase Maths of the Day to promote physical activity during our school day.


Competitions and clubs


We will continue to attend Sainsbury’s School Games (inter-school) competitions.


We will continue to offer children a variety of school sports clubs, from year 1 onwards.  This year we have offered:, football years 1 - 3 and 4 – 6 and gymnastics. The Change4Life Club has been running again from the spring term for year 3 and 4 children.


Specialist sports coaches


Specialist PE coaches have been working alongside our midday supervisors to promote active lunchtimes. For two days each week they are refereeing football matches for KS2 children, and organising other activities for all year groups.


PE equipment


We will continue to update and purchase new PE equipment to enhance lessons and active lunchtimes and to promote healthy lifestyles.


The outcome of this year's Sport Premium will be: 


Teachers' confidence in planning and teaching PE and lessons will increase further, enabling them to deliver high quality PE lessons.


All children will have had the opportunity to be involved in intra-school competitions and there will have been an increase in children taking part in inter-school competitions through the SSG initiative, through the support package and on-going links with other schools.


Children will be given the opportunity to play competitive and non-competitive games at lunchtime.  They will have a range of activities to choose from.  Play leaders and PE leaders will help to run these activities.


New equipment will help to inspire children and promote a love of PE, sport and a healthy lifestyle.   



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