Year 5C

Welcome to Year 5C's homepage


Welcome to Year 5C’s homepage.



We have 29 children in our class – 15 boys and 14 girls. Our class teacher is Mrs Carlin and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wright.  


Year 5 agreed on their class charter which is:

1.  We will stay in our seats when asked and sit sensibly.

2. No violence.

3. We will track the speaker.

4. We will treat others how we would want to be treated.

5. We will look after all equipment.

6. We will be polite to everybody.

7. We will always help people who are hurt.

8. We shall show respect to everybody.

9. We will respect deadlines.

10.  We will follow instructions.

11.  We will keep the classroom tidy.

12.  We will be positive and have fun.


We are currently studying Greek myths and learning about Ancient Greece.


If you want to find out about what we are studying in Maths and our calculation policy please look on the curriculum page.​



We do PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


We have our spelling and times table tests on Monday.


Homework is handed out on Tuesdays and should be handed out by the next Monday.


Here is a link to look at our Spring term class newsletter: Year 5C class newsletter