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Barrington Primary School

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After school clubs

Most of the after school clubs that we offer are administered by the school club provider.  Therefore, booking and payment will be made through the company providing the club, not the school office.



Please see below links to our football after school clubs which will be run and administered by        Pro Futures.  They are available for you to book from Year 1 through to Year 6, and there is a separate link for each year group.

Mondays -  Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Running from Monday 17th April 2023 to Monday 10th July 2023 (10 weeks) (excludes Bank holiday Mondays - 1st and 8th May)

Year 3 - https://pro-futures.class4kids.co.uk/info/888

Year 4 - https://pro-futures.class4kids.co.uk/info/872

Year 5 - https://pro-futures.class4kids.co.uk/info/871

Year 6 - https://pro-futures.class4kids.co.uk/info/852


Tuesdays - Years 1 & 2

Running from Tuesday 18th April 2023 to Tuesday 11th July 2023 (12 weeks).

Year 1 https://pro-futures.class4kids.co.uk/info/870

Year 2 https://pro-futures.class4kids.co.uk/info/881



Gymnastics after school club will be run by Beaming Stars again for the Summer term.

The club will run from Monday 17th April 2023 to Monday 10th July 2023 (10 weeks) and will cost £60 per child.  You can book a place for your child by contacting Beaming Stars at vikki@beamingstars.co.uk



This club will be run by Mrs Chanchai and payment will be made directly to Mrs Chanchai.

Musical instrument lessons will be available during the school day for the following instruments: violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, piano and recorder. Priority will be given to children who have been learning one of these instruments this academic year. Once all the responses are in you will receive an email from Mrs Chanchai to confirm your child(ren)’s space and the related cost for the individual instrument.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs Chanchai on sarahfitz17@aol.com



This club will be run by Mrs Lulla and payment will be made directly to Mrs Lulla.  You must make payment for club before your child starts the first session.  The club will run from Wednesday 26th April to Wednesday 5th July.  This is a 10 week club and costs £50 per child. 



This club will be run by Fizz Pop Science and payment will be made directly to them.  The flier below explains how to do this.  The club will run from Friday 9th June to Friday 7th July.  This is a 5 week club and costs £40.
Fizz Pop Science after school club



Thank you to everyone that has supported our popular Cookery Club since it's inception last year.  This club has been very popular and we can't wait to see Nic at Bexley Kids School of Cookery back with us very soon.  Keep an eye out for their holiday activities.